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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

To Power Pt or to Prezi/Video.....

Okay here is a very common problem that I run into in the classroom and here students complain about, all the time.......

"Death by power point". This is when you turn your PPT into a written "slide show" about your lecture, often word for word. That is not what makes an affective tool to reach and keep your students interest.

What I have started doing, and we are having great success with in my classes. We use PPT as our textbook, especially since now the textbook budget has been "cut". Even TEA is mandating that textbooks now be published with a ePub, PDF, etc.... So my class our textbook is the PPT. When I actual lecture or present something I use a Prezi, Animoto, or You Tube video that I show and we discuss as we go. For those who work in ISD that blocks You Tube even for staff you can use Teacher Tube or Vimeo. Upload the video you make or want to show to them. Even Google docs now allows for video uploads. Think about, what would you prefer? Don't you "roll your eyes at in service when they start reading PPT word for word?

There is a time and place for the "old school" PPT and we still use it. I just no longer use them as my "lecture". I find letting the students go, explore, find the info. from off of my PPT, or "Google It" is ever so much more affective for my students. I introduce it and lecture from off the Prezi or videos. I know longer have kids that "fall a sleep" when I need to introduce a new concept.

Here are some examples for you to compare. Which method would you prefer to be taught with and why?

How to Draw ACAD Problem #3 PPT/PDF

How to Draw ACAD Problem #3 Video