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Thursday, May 1, 2014

1st EVER CHS Lip Dub 2014

Our First Conroe HS Lip Dub!!

We're going viral! We are doing our first CHS Lip Dub to the song "Best Day of My Life" by American Authors.  I'm sooooooooo excited that my campus is finally doing a lip dub. This has been a dream of mine and a couple of other staff members to do for over three years now.

NOTE: If you don't know what a "lip dub" is = "Google" or "YouTube" it. There are lots of awesome and not so awesome ones out there.  We did a "twist" to ours, it's not just the same old walk down halls singing.  :)

It's easy to find the videos, but not the explanation of how they went about creating it. Thus, the reason the post was born.

The MOST important thing you need to do when you want to do something like this is = TEAMWORK! We have core team of 16 staff members who have helped with all the different parts. No one person can do it all. You have to work together!  Here is our awesome TEAM and what we all did, to help make it a success. Let the people who are awesome at what they do = do what they do best. Why would I try to plan the formation of the band kids to spell out "PRIDE !" on the field?  Our band directors know how to do way more cool and complicated filed formations. I have no clue how to actually video and make the scenes look cool, but others do.  You sure don't want me trying to teach you how to sing or dance either.

The other thing you need to do is to use Social Media to your advantage!  Our campus Twitter acct., ISD acct., & counselors acct. sent Twitter tweets out bi-weekly telling students to go sign up to be a part of our video. Our campus FB page also posted links and encouraged people to join. Of course our Conroe HS campus website promoted too on our main splash page. 
My areas of expertise is Organization, Communication, & Technology. So here is what I did to help get this organized and out there online. That way the kids and staff could all access info, without us having to send emails daily and use up the email memory. (A personal pet peeve of mine.)

#1 = Set-up a Google Drive folder that anyone can see
A. Share edit rights with only the core group of organizers
B. Create a planning calender using Google Docs, so everyone can see the dates
(You know how we educators LOVE calenders!)  
C. Check ours out  to get ideas for how organize yours
D. Yes you can put videos here (if your ISD doesn't have that blocked in the admin  console) and use it to share the choreography steps if your ISD has YouTube blocked.  
(BOOO!! Unblock it for secondary at least people.)

#2= Use Google Forms to create a online Sign Up form
A. This is so we can plan and prepare for the # of kids being filmed
B. If you send an email from Gmail = you can send it "Bcc" to all the email addresses   
you get from the sign up form. To remind kids when to film, what to wear, bring your signed release form, etc...
C. SECURITY NOTE = make sure that you turn off "Share with anyone who has the  link" for the Google Form results. Only three of us have access to our data.
D. Don't forget to "turn off" accepting responses to the form, once your due date has passed.

A. Create one that breaks out the lyrics that need to be learned by group
B. You can upload dance choreography to YouTube and embed it into this site
C. Then just share this site with staff and students. This is how kids and parents want 
to  be able to access information. So why not give it to them the way they understand and want it?

#4= Use YouTube to "go viral".
A. Make sure you have gotten written permission from the author of the song to use it. 
We had to get this from both the author AND the publisher. We have email proof  that we can use our song. Be forewarned, getting this permission took us two months!  YouTube can and will pull audio from videos, if you can't prove this.
B. When your Rock Star filming team gets done filming and editing post the final product on YouTube. I will share ours as soon as it gets done.
C. SECURITY NOTE = only one person on your campus should keep the original finished video. We have an AP who will keep ours, part of the agreement we have to be able to use the song.

I hope this helps or inspires your campus to go out and "go viral" in a positive way. Let me know how it goes for you.