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Friday, January 12, 2018

My UNT LTEC 6512 Blog- Theory and practice of qualitative research methods in Learning Technologies

Blog Post #1 - What I think I know about qualitative research:

Qualitative word cloud image
Qualitative research is for finding trends, opinions, observational research. It's about the qualities that make up what you are researching and it can't always be repeated or measured in an experiment. Coming from a quantitative background in engineering/STEM this has been a research method that I have struggled with. I understand how to take data or numbers and find statistics from that. Whereas, with qualitative your more concerned with how you are going to start investigating something you think could be a research problem. Thankfully being in education for 22 years, I have made many decisions about how to best teach my students based off how I have observed them in actions. What worked or didn't, willing to ask questions and find out what is going on. Versus just going by their grades on traditional work like tests and instead look at the skills they show me they can do. This is probably why I am so drawn to to educational technology applications, because I have seen how they improved my students ability to learn. Now if only I can balance that with my empirical nature that wants concrete data or numbers to use to explain the WHY my students do better when technology is used as a tool in my classes. I am hoping that by the end of this class I will find balance and that qualitative research finally makes sense to me like quantitative does.

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