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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Gamification! Let's make learning fun again

Gamification  is not a new concept, it's just that in 2018 we have moved it to online or via SBT/AR/VR/VLE. (Simulation Based Training/Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Virtual Learning Experiences)

Ones I assume you all know about already, but if not you should.



Bwahahaha is all I can say but great way to get instant feedback on a meeting/presentation if you’re brave enough =

Math for grades 1-8


Free & I’ve had the most success with today experimenting: = allows you to create different games like the anatomy of grass I just made for Dr. Lane, you can only put in the link to it = you can create games like word search, cross word, etc… that they can play on the PC & embed into the course


Just to make a game for the heck of it, think old school arcade style, I know teachers who use this in their game design classes they teach:

Good resource but not very sophisticated looking games when done =


Require you download software to create games. I’ve only seen tweets that they are good for teaching gaming:
Adventure Game Studio  =

Game Salad =