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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Bringing "R"eality into your classes

Bring a little "R"eality into your course 

In education and training it's agreed that authentic assessment is the better assessment method to use. So let's go over and I will show you how to use some freeware augmented and virtual reality applications that you can have your students use create projects that demonstrate mastery of content and are engaging so that they can teach others it also.

Four (4) ways to use AR/VR in the classroom:

1) Build Global Awareness with VR Field Trip
2) Use Apps to Enhance STEM Lessons
3) Explore Empathy with VR Experiences
4) Create AR and VR Media

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FREE Augmented Reality Apps
Google Cardboard Camera + Pixlr Editor (set to 1920 x 1080 pixels) + Clipchamp (convert to MP4 for maybe min) +  360 Spatial Media Metadata Injector (Spherical convert to new MP4) = video you can upload to YouTube as a 360 video! Example =
Inspired by YouTube video = 

Google Streetview Camera = Example,-95.574432,203.76h,-19p,1z

3D Scene =
Geogbra =

HP Reveal *Formerly Aurasma (Viewer and creator)

PAID Augmented Reality Apps
AR Flash Cards   

Virtual Reality Apps